Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Cristina and Owen Talk Babies Again, “Struggle to Stay in Love”
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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Cristina and Owen Talk Babies Again, “Struggle to Stay in Love”

After Cristina and Owen’s messy divorce on Grey’s Anatomy, we were sure they would never be able to work it out. But this season, the couple is finally happy again, so what could get in their way now?

Babies. Yep, the baby conversation is going to come up yet again for them, likely due in part to Owen bonding with a little boy whose parents were both in critical condition in last week’s tanker explosion episode.

It looks like it’s definitely going to be an issue they’ll need to address before their relationship goes any further. “Those questions are going to come up again for them,” creator Shonda Rhimes tells TV Guide, “and we're going to watch them struggle to stay in love through those questions.”

But we thought Cristina made it pretty clear that she didn’t want to have children, and that was a big reason for their split... so what happens now?

“As much as I love kids, I feel like it's very intriguing to me to have a character who absolutely does not want children and is not interested in having them and isn't going to suddenly melt the minute a baby is placed in her arms,” Shonda adds. “That's not Cristina. What that means for a guy like Owen, who was made to nurture, is going to be really interesting."

We hope this doesn’t mean another breakup, but thankfully, Shonda doesn’t seem to think it will. “They understand what their lives were like without one another,” she says. “Obviously neither one of them is interested in that. I think they have a different way of looking at things now. They've been through a plane crash, so they have a different perspective on life. They have to be looking at this differently.”

Do you think Cristina will change her mind about having a baby, or will Owen make peace with not having kids to save their relationship? Sound off below.

Source: TV Guide