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Nanny Diaries: Would You Hire a HOT Nanny?

Wetpaint Moms is very excited to bring you the first installment in the Nanny Diaries, a series from Rahsaana Allen and Natasha Shum, the bloggers behind 2 Haute Chicks. Follow along — and commiserate with — moms Rahsaana and Natasha as they chronicle the ups and downs of having a nanny. First up, they ask: Would you hire a hot nanny?

This seems to be a relatively controversial topic amongst my friends. I have had my fair share of nannies — seven to be exact — and my current two, and even the one before that, were all deemed “too cute” by my friends. I’ve had a blond, 30-year old, tall and slender Swedish nanny; a 30-something attractive Honduran nanny; and a 25-year old, former ballerina, FIDM grad that just happens to have her own line of bikinis which she models on the web. Am I insane??

Today, we thought we’d present both sides of the argument, and let you decide.

YES. I am a confident, secure, happily married mom. I believe that if your husband is a cheater, he will cheat whether you have a cute nanny or not. (Just ask Maria Shriver.) In fact, I’ve read repeatedly, that when married men do cheat, it has absolutely nothing to do with looks. I trust my husband, and if something goes terribly wrong and he ends up cheating on me, it will be because he is a low down dirty dog, not because my nanny was too cute. Until I have any reason to distrust him, I will live my life and hire who I want to hire. In fact, I sorta like working with people that take pride in their appearance and care about their health and fitness. Besides, my husband is rarely home during the day anyway. If he were, I wouldn’t need that nanny! — Rahsaana

NO. Call me self-conscious, call me insecure, call me silly… I’ve been called worse. There is just NO way that I would ever hire a nanny who looks like Angelina Jolie or Halle Berry, no matter how impressive the nanny’s credentials are! On my short list of reasons why I wouldn’t hire a hot nanny are: 1) I would feel compelled to dress up, comb my hair, and put on makeup EVERY SINGLE DAY while the nanny was over — that is way too much effort; 2) I’m a woman and I compare myself to other women (who doesn’t?), and I do not want to be comparing myself to someone younger, hotter, and sexier than myself every day; 3) the days of bumming around the house in baggy sweats, Nate’s ratty T-shirts, and UGGs would be over; and 4) I wouldn’t want to put temptation right in my husband’s face, every hour of every day while I’m at work (not that he would ever act inappropriately but...). So, yeah, call me insecure but I am quite secure in the fact that I want to be the hottest lady in my house! — Natasha

We want to know what you think: Would YOU hire a hot nanny? Why or why not?

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04.5.2013 / 07:30 PM EDT by Wetpaint Staff
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