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Pretty Little Liars Star Lucy Hale Loves Nashville!

Our list of our interests in life: 1) Pizza, 2) Nashville, 3) Pretty Little Liars. And guys? Our interests just combined, which basically means this is the best day of our lives.

In case you missed this week's dramatic episode of ABC's Nashville, Rayna Jaymes' (Connie Britton) darling daughters took the stage and performed a beautiful rendition of The Lumineers’ hit single "Ho Hey," and Pretty Little Liars starlet Lucy Hale was blown away.

"WAIT a sec..." Lucy tweeted on April 4, "these two, little, adorable blonde girls singing on Nashville blow everyone out of the water..."

Accurate. Real life sisters, 13-year-old Lennon and 8-year-old Maisy Stella, who play Rayna's daughters, are sensational singers, and they're thrilled that Lucy paid them a compliment! "WAIT a sec.." Lennon and Maisy tweeted on their joint Twitter handle. "@lucyhale tweeted nice things about us!! We are such HUGE fans! Sooo much love<3 xoxo."

In the words of The Lion King, can you feel the love tonight? Because we can. Hopefully Lennon and Maisy will have plenty more opportunities to perform on Nashville, and with any luck they'll make an appearance on Pretty Little Liars! OMG, are they A?!?

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