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Tyler Baltierra’s Dad Butch Was Almost Killed in Jail!

You guys, we're so worried about Butch Baltierra. Dude has a history of incarcerations — he was arrested twice for breaking and entering, once for larceny, and once for home invasion (good times) — and apparently his experience in jail was nothing short of harrowing. No, his mullet didn't get chopped off (THANK GOD), but he was almost killed by some roving members of a Detroit gang. You know, the usual.

In an interview with Teen Mom Confidential, Butch says that he was "knocked out" by a metal lock wrapped in a tube sock on December 11, 2012 after he came to the aid of a fellow prisoner with Cerebral Palsy who was being bullied. A few weeks later, Butch was shivved multiple times by members of the Latin Counts crew!

“The next day they told me to get off the yard,” Butch says. “I told them I wasn’t goin’ nowhere and they’d have to take me out in a body bag. I said ‘Let’s just fight. I’ll take two or three of you in the bathroom.’ They didn’t want to do that, so they snuck up behind me while I was laying on my bunk and poured hot sugar water on me. They got me pretty good. Burned the s— out of me. They snuck up behind me. Hit the back of my head and my right back arm. The inside of my scalp got burned pretty good.”

Um, well this is horrifying. Luckily, Butch received medical treatment and was transferred to a facility in Jackson, Michigan. Thank goodness!

In other news, we'd like to leave you with our personal favorite Butch Baltierra quote, circa Teen Mom Season 4: "I'll have to sleep on a park bench, on a cardboard box, under a bridge. I'll be alright."

So reassuring.

Source: Teen Mom Confidential

04.5.2013 / 09:18 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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