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The Kardashians

“Dumped At 200 Lbs!” And Other Crazy Kim Kardashian Headlines!

Kim Kardashian has been a tabloid favorite ever since her reality star started rising in 2007, when Keeping Up With The Kardashians first hit the airwaves. But if Kim has always had it bad, pregnant Kim Kardashian has it much, much worse!

The expectant mama, who will welcome her first baby with boyfriend Kanye West in July, has been the subject of so much insanity that it’s getting hard to keep up with! First she’s gained 65 pounds, then she’s 200 pounds, then she’s freaking out that Kanye is leaving her because she’s gotten fat — and all while she’s pregnant.

Kim has withstood the barrage with impressive restraint, and cleared up the rumors as best she can, but just to show you what she’s up against, we’ve compiled the craziest recent headline about pregnant Kim. They are presented without comment below, because really, these gems speak for themselves:

In Touch

Dumped at 200 Lbs

Devastated Kim finds comfort in food as Kanye gets close to a sexy blonde in Paris:

  • Five desserts in one sitting

  • Hiding candy and bingeing later

  • Her tearful breakdown: “I’ll never get my body back”


I’ll Eat As Much As I Want

  • Kim ignores dire health warnings

  • Getting paid to binge on junk food

  • She demands early C-section

Life & Style

Khloe Drops 25 Lbs: I’m The Hot Sister Now!

“After years of feeling like the ugly duckling, Khloe finally enjoys being the sexiest Kardashian driving a scared and jealous Kim to binge eat”

National Enquirer

Fat Kim’s ‘Fake Pregnancy’

  • Why She’s FOOLING FANS

  • How she’ll make millions from PHONY BABY BELLY

  • What you WON’T see on TV


Kim’s 200-lb Nightmare: I Can’t Stop Eating

  • Bingeing on waffle cones and fries

  • Planning an extreme diet while pregnant

  • With four months to go, she already “hates” her body

Source: Star, In Touch, Life & Style, National Enquirer

04.6.2013 / 02:20 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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