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Kim And Kanye Vs Kate And Wills: Will Royal Baby Steal The Spotlight?

There are two very famous, very pregnant ladies in the world at the moment: British royal Kate Middleton and reality TV royal Kim Kardashian.

Both women are due in July, and as the big due dates draw ever nearer we can’t help but wonder how things will shake out in the end. Judging from the tabloid covers we’re seeing lately, all eyes currently seem to be focused on Kim, her rapper boyfriend Kanye West and their bundle of joy.

Whether the topic is Kim’s weight gain, fashion choices, or some other crazy rumor, not a week goes by that we aren’t reading something about her pregnancy when we’re buying our groceries.

Kim and Kanye are so tabloid ubiquitous that we have to remind ourselves that there’s a whole wide world out there that can’t get enough of Kate and Wills and their royal baby-to-be!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, like all good royals before them, have been appropriately press averse during her pregnancy, but that hasn’t stopped paparazzi from stalking them across the globe to photograph them.

When the time comes, will the royal baby steal all the thunder from Baby Kimye?

We kind of doubt it. Kate and Will are incredibly famous in that way that only members of the royal family can be famous, but then again, they are also constrained by the rules of propriety that govern the aristocracy. That means they will choose a sensible name, probably with some family history attached. Royal baby will have lovely clothes, expensive but not ostentatious, and will be welcomed to the world with a nicely worded statement of joy.

But with Kim and Kanye, there are no rules! They can name their baby Easton! Or North! Or anything they want, the crazier the better! They can buy that baby diamond-encrusted rattles and tiny Ferragamo shoes, and everyone will say ‘Can you believe what Kim and Kanye did?’ but no one will be surprised, because that is exactly what they are expected to do. Even royals will have a hard time competing with that, press wise.

What do you think, are we underestimating the media power of Royal Baby? Will Baby Kimye lose the limelight to this fellow celebrity wee one? Weigh in below!

04.6.2013 / 03:50 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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