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Revenge Season 2: Will Charlotte Grayson Pull an Amanda Bynes?

Is anybody else worried about Charlotte Grayson Clarke these days? The tormented Revenge Grayson-turned-Clarke has been storming around the Hamptons punching random classmates and pushing away her boyfriend, Declan “Five Finger Discount” Porter, ever since her faux-half-sis Amanda Clarke was murdered.

Charlotte, we get it, you have angst. But let’s not travel down the road of the broken millionaire youngsters before you. We can totally see Char pulling a Lindsay Lohan or an Amanda Bynes, and we don’t personally want to see any strange dermal cheek piercings or scary upper thigh bruising.

In Season 1, Charlotte battled an addiction to pills, which ultimately caused her to overdose and get locked up in rehab. Now that she’s kicked the habit, Victoria’s daughter will be looking for other ways to find release.

Actress Christa Allen recently told Wetpaint Entertainment that Charlotte will be “losing it” in upcoming episodes. In Episode 18, “Masquerade,” the socialite threw a punch at one of her private school classmates after they viciously insulted Amanda’s name and scandalous past.

Fortunately, Declan came to the rescue just in time to calm Charlotte down, but will he be able to permanently subside the turmoil within?

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04.6.2013 / 02:30 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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