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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Shahs of Sunset’s Mercedes “MJ” Javid Slams Drug Abuse Accusations — Exclusive!

Just when we thought the Real Housewives shows had the market cornered on dramatic reunions, Shahs of Sunset went and proved us wrong.

During the two-part Season 2 reunion in February, harsh words were hurled by each and every cast member. But Mercedes “MJ” Javid bore the brunt of the nastiest accusations when co-stars Reza Farahan and Asa Soltan Rahmati both accused her of abusing prescription pills and alcohol.

Wetpaint Entertainment snagged a few moments with MJ at the Bravo Upfronts in New York City on April 3, where she talked to us about the emotional confrontation.

Wetpaint Entertainment: At the Season 2 reunion, what did it mean to have your cast mate Golnesa “GG” Gharachedaghi — the only person who stood up for you against the others’ accusations that you have a drug and prescription pill problem — have your back?

Mercedes “MJ” Javid: It was crucially important to me. You’re out there fending for yourself and you want validation from someone.

They accused you of being an alcoholic and an addict. That’s a lot to put out there in front of the whole world. How did that affect you?

It was a learning process. I’ve learned there was something in me that allowed them to feel like they could talk to me like that, to say those things to me, and that’s not okay. So I’m grateful to have realized that. And I’m proud of myself for taking the high road and not fighting back and throwing daggers or spreading rumors about my friend.

So the way you see, it’s more about them feeling too free to speak to you however they want and not about you having any substances issues?

I absolutely don’t have any kind of drug or alcohol issues. Thank god, I never had. But yes, it’s about the journey - when something or someone gets in your way. I looked into the situation, embraced it and have learned from it.