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The Backlash Against “Lavish,” Instagram’s Notorious Money-Obsessed Teen

Param — or “Lavish,” as he’s better known — has become a notorious web sensation recently. He’s also been dubbed “the worst teenager on Instagram,” based entirely on the douche-y Instagram photos he posts.

But is he that bad? Well, the pictures do say a thousand words, and they’re all negative. Lavish, 17, who is apparently from a very wealthy San Francisco family, shares photos of himself wasting money in creative ways: filling his toilet bowl with Pellegrino, using multiple iphones, and showing off his $175 gold staples.

He doesn’t keep the nutty stuff to himself, either. Sometimes he likes to call out other celebrities, turning his vitriol on those who he feels haven’t acquired the heightened social standing he possesses, tweeting to Kim Kardashian that she’s a “peasant,” for example.

Lavish seems to have no boundaries when it comes to throwing his ample money around. He recently posted photos of himself tying $4,000 in cash to helium balloons and letting them go, for no apparent reason.

While we could rant about the shallow youth of today, it’s difficult to tell if this meme is in fact a real human being, or simply a crazy online persona designed to get as many hits as possible.

If Lavish is real, it’s very hard not to feel sorry for the poor guy, and then obviously wonder where his clueless parents are, and why they aren’t putting a stop to this crazy train.

What do you think, is Lavish real, or just an online prank?

Source: Buzzfeed, Instagram

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04.6.2013 / 01:24 AM EDT by Teddie McCormick
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