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“Frank Ocean Ain’t No Rapper”: Snoop Lion Disses Gays

Trouble isn’t new to Snoop Lion (formerly known as Snoop Dogg). But usually the kind of trouble the blunt-touting sage of hip hop experiences involves cops. Snoop may have opened a whole new can of worms with his latest remark about Frank Ocean.

Snoop dissed Frank on account of Frank’s sexual orientation.

“Frank Ocean ain't no rapper,” fired Snoop. “He's a singer. It's acceptable in the singing world, but in the rap world I don't know if it will ever be acceptable because rap is so masculine.”

In following that logic, then Lil’ Kim and every other female rapper needs to re-evaluate her career!

Snoop’s rant didn’t end there. He went on to compare the world of rap to “a football team,” explaining, “You can't be in a locker room full of motherf***g tough-ass dudes, then all of a sudden say, 'Hey, man, I like you.' You know, that's going to be tough."

Credit: Karl Walter/Getty Images for Coachella    

So that’s how Snoop thinks being gay works. That logic would imply that homosexuals are forbidden not only from rapping, but from playing sports with other men.

Snoop, a known supporter of gay marriage, tried to buffer his remarks by suggesting that this isn’t his opinion, per se, but just the nature of the hip hop world.

“I don't have a problem with gay people,” Snoop asserted. “I got some gay homies.”

We certainly doubt Frank Ocean is one of them.

Source: TMZ

04.7.2013 / 09:06 PM EDT by Nicole Spector
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