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Darren Criss Sings With the Hanson Brothers! (VIDEO)

You guys, Darren Criss (Blaine) is currently living out every circa 1990s teenage girl's fantasy. No, he isn't attaching butterfly clips to his hair while polishing Doc Marten mary janes. No, he isn't collecting Pogs. It’s even better. Dude just made musical history with the Hanson brothers. Aka the wandering trip of brosefs who brought us the musical genius that is "MmmBop."

Ba du bop, Ba du dop, guys.

Darren has been open about his love of the 90s boy band in the past. On April 8, the Glee star got the chance to bust out a tune with Hanson — and the entire thing was captured on film. "Well that was fun and silly!” the self proclaimed Hanson “stalker” tweeted afterwards. “15 years in the making, but mission accomplished: Got to sing with @Hansonmusic. Check that off the list."

Um. We can't even right now. Like, someone hand us a Giga Pet and a Chia Pet, because we're having a 90s breakdown. Check out this video of Darren and his brothers from another mother performing Hanson's new single "Get The Girl Back" acapella, if you dare. Because honestly, your ovaries might explode. Fair warning.

Watch live streaming video from hansonmusic at

In other news, we're thrilled that the Hanson brothers' collective hair is just as free-flowing as ever. Feel the rain on your skin, boys.

Source: Twitter / Hanson Live Streaming

04.8.2013 / 10:46 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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