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The Kardashians

Did Kim Kardashian Use Her Pregnancy For Shady Purposes?

Kim Kardashian was in the dog house on the season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami. Really, after hiring a private investigator to follow sister Kourtney’s boyfriend Scott Disick, she had it coming. After seeing how pissed they both were at her for that little stunt, we weren’t sure how Kim would manage to patch things up.

Kourtney found out first, and she was furious. She was so pissed she told Kim to get out of the house, threw her clothes over the balcony, and sent her packing to BFF Jonathan’s house.

Kim tracks her sisters down while they’re checking out a potential new retail space, and Kourtney resists the urge “to sock her in the face,” and admits she doesn’t think things will ever be the same between Kim and Scott.

She might be right. When Scott heard about Kim’s shady activities he didn't take the news any better. How was Kim going to get back in their good graces?! An impossible task, right? It turns out, a solution presented itself pretty soon.

Three days later, Kim called Kourtney in the middle of the night, saying it’s a medical emergency. Kourt jumped in her car, and it’s there, in the unflattering light of an overhead car cam, that Kim told her big sister: “I’m pregnant!”

Kim then started to apologize again for what she did to Scott, but Kourtney immediately took the high road. “I don’t even want to talk about that right now,” she said. “You need to be positive and not stress yourself out. Let’s put that in the past.”

Would Scott be as forgiving? On moving day, Kim returned to the family’s Miami house, where she grabbed her sisters for a sit-down with Scott to explain herself and beg forgiveness. It wasn’t going well.

“Somebody tries to ruin my relationship every day,” Scott said. “But you’re Kourtney’s sister and best friend. This was heartbreaking. I’ve never felt more betrayed by anybody.”

But then Kim dropped her pregnancy news, and everything changed. “This is amazing!” he exclaimed.

“As betrayed as I felt by what Kim did to me, it’s an unbelievable moment, and I can easily forgive and forget,” he told the KKTM cameras. “I love her and I’m just so excited, and I can’t wait until her baby is crying, and her not having an easy time.”

We love that Kourt and Scott were able to turn the cheek on this one, but we think we've all learned a valuable lesson here today: Pregnancy is the ultimate get out of trouble free card. Good to know!