Drew Barrymore: Women Can’t Have it All
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Drew Barrymore: Women Can’t Have it All

Drew Barrymore may have a decade-spanning career as an actress and director, a line of wines, a cosmetics company, a husband, a baby, and a production company to her name, but if you ask her, women just can’t have it all.

During Lucky’s Fashion and Beauty Blog Conference, the star admitted, “I can’t and I don’t.”

Drew, who is currently starring in the role of first-time mom to 6-month-old daughter Olive, says that some things have to be left by the wayside in order for more important things to get the attention they deserve. In her case, this means a temporary hiatus from directing.

“I can’t direct right now because I would miss out on my daughter. It was heartbreaking to let it go, but it was a clear choice,” she explains.

“It sucks when you’ve worked really hard for certain things and you have to give them up because you know that you’re going to miss out on your child’s upbringing, or you realize that your relationship has suffered.”

While Drew admits that her views of what’s feasible have changed since becoming a mom, it seems the world is adapting.

“The work-at-home component is brilliant,” she says. “I was doing all my business meetings between 12 and 2 because that’s when my daughter was napping, and it helped tremendously!”

“When you go out there in the world you have to remember, ‘I’m doing the best I can, I’m doing it for them, and I’m going to be there for them too. I’m just going to figure out the balance.’”

Source: People

04.8.2013 / 06:14 PM EDT by Sarah Crow
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