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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian’s Pregnancy: How Did Khloe First Take The News?

Kim Kardashian was thrilled when she found out she was pregnant, but there was something putting a damper on that initial excitement: Her sister Khloe.

Kim shared her news with big sister Kourtney first (after boyfriend Kanye West, of course), on the season finale of Kourtney & Kim Take Miami, and she also shared her worries about telling her little sister. Khloe had been struggling with fertility issues, and Kim was concerned that she wouldn’t react well to hearing that someone else was having a baby.

“It kills me inside that I haven’t told Khloe yet that I’m pregnant,” Kim told the KKTM cameras. “I know that she’s been trying for a while so I want to be sensitive in the way that I tell her.”

She decided to talk it over with Kourtney. “I’m so scared,” Kim told her, ”What if she just like, starts crying?”

Kourtney, for her part, wasn’t exactly reassuring. “This could send her over the edge,” she said.

Kim, joined by Kourtney for moral support, finally break the news to Khloe. So, how did it go??

Short answer: Great!

“Really?” Khloe said, when Kim finally told her about her pregnancy. “Stop. That’s amazing. Congratulations!”

She hugged Kim, of course, and then got in one Khloe-esque comment (“Your ass is gonna be so big!”) before moving on to the other subject at hand. Why had Kim been afraid to tell her?

Kim admitted that her fears came from knowing that Khloe badly wants a baby of her own, to which Khloe gave the best answer a sister could hope for.

“Yeah, but it will happen when it’s supposed to happen,” she explained. “You shouldn’t be afraid to tell me something because something good is happening for you. I’m so happy for you. The more babies the better. Let’s have babies all over the place.”

You heard the woman: Babies all over the place! We pretty sure Kourtney's already on board.