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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe Meets Catherine Giudici’s Dad!

Word on the mean streets is that Sean Lowe and his Bachelor bride-to-be, Catherine Giudici, are experiencing some minor trouble in paradise. You know, because he's busy painting his body with glitter on Dancing With The Stars, and she's just like "ugh, come home so I can stroke your six-pack!"

However, despite speculation that these love birds have hit a rough patch, they spend all their waking moments together. In fact, Sean and Catherine recently had breakfast with Catherine's family, and it couldn't have gone better! At least according to Sean's Instagram picture of himself, Catherine, and her family pouting at the camera with the ironic caption, "Breakfast with my future in-laws obviously went well."

Pranks, guys! Sean is totally joshing us, because he's such a trickster! Sigh, we love nothing more than when this beefy Bachelor star decides to get his LOL on –– remember when he made poor Sarah Herron think she was being eliminated and then was just like "PSYCH, look it's your long lost puppy!" Those were the days.

In other news, we're thrilled that Catherine and Sean are getting some bonding time in with her family. Also, notice the way she's caressing his abs? Do you, girl.

Source: Instagram