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American Idol

Which Mean Girls’ Character Does Nicki Minaj Most Relate To?

If you had to bet on which Mean Girls character American Idol judge Nicki Minaj would relate most to, Regina George would probably be the obvious answer, right? Not so fast! It's actually the character played by Lindsay Lohan, Cady Heron.

When I was in grade schoolmy parents, whenever they would fight we would have to move again and so I ended up going to a lot of schools and I would always get grilled by everyone and so the cool girls, I could front and fit in with them if I wanted to but then I would just be like ew,” she said. "But I think with the 'Mean Girls' thing I was definitely always the new girl because I was just always the new girl everywhere.”

Nicki went on to discuss her past on how her parents' decisions to continuously move made it so difficult for her to adjust to new environments.

“[School] wasn’t difficult from an academic standpoint but it was difficult in that I went to a lot of new schools. It was always a little bit nerve wrecking trying to meet new people and meet new I’m not going to beg to be your friend and I’ve always been like that," Nicki explained.

“If you like me you like me. Like I always remember having the butterflies in my stomach like oh my god another new school.”

Regardless, it seems like Nicki has no trouble adjusting to new things now as her diversified career is taking off in many directions.

Source: MTV

04.8.2013 / 02:03 AM EDT by Knox McCoy
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