5 Reasons to Try a CSA
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5 Reasons to Try a CSA

What is a CSA? No, not a casting agency. CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture.

In most cases how it works is the customer pays a fee and farmers provide a share of their harvest, coming to you in the form of a weekly box of organic produce. The cost varies. Some CSAs can be about $30 per week, less for smaller boxes.

What's not to like about getting organic, locally-grown food delivered to your door weekly? Challenge your family to eat what's seasonally available. This can mean new, untried vegetables and unusual fruits. It can be fun to explore new recipes and offer meals outside of your usual dinner routine.

Still not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should give it a whirl:

1. Introduce your kids to new recipes: Get into the hahit of trying one new recipe each week by using a new food from your farm box. This expands your chef's repertoire and your family's palate.

2. Eat seasonally: Train you and your family to eat seasonally, which means eating fewer preserved foods.

3. Eat organic: Keep your veggies and fruits clean of pesticides and chemicals.

4. Support local agriculture: Keep the small farms in business, and support your state's economy. Also, farms usually invite members for tours of their fields, or for special harvest events. Perfect for the kids!

5. Food delivery: You get food delivered to your door — a total win-win. One less grocery bag to lug from Safeway!

So how do you get started? Find a CSA in your area by visiting Local Harvest.

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04.9.2013 / 05:36 AM EDT by Tessa White
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