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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Did Alexis Bellino and Her Husband Have Financial Problems?

Alexis Bellino and her husband, Jim, showed off their brand new home in Season 8, Episode 1 of Real Housewives of Orange County. So it was somewhat of a surprise to us when she revealed in Season 8, Episode 2 that the couple faced some tough money troubles over the past year.

During a cha cha lesson with her hubby, Alexis divulged that they suffered a financial hit when Jim lost a lot of their money during a house deal. The bungle put considerable strain on their marriage, Alexis said.

Since then, the couple seem to have rebounded from any money problems they’ve had. Jim, an entrepreneur, has been involved in a slew of different businesses ranging from selling sports memorabilia to pool tables to flipping houses. He’s seemed to have varying success with his endeavors, but the Bellinos appear to have found a recipe for success with their current business, an indoor trampoline gym called Sky Zone in Anaheim, California.

By all accounts, the business has been doing well. The couple had some promotional help thanks to the local news, no doubt due to Alexis’s role as a special reporter for Fox5 News. We’re also sure the generous paycheck Alexis gets from Real Housewives of Orange County helps a little too!