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Heather Morris Pregnancy: Naya Rivera Reacts to On-screen Ex’s News

Glee’s Brittany might be attracted to girls, but her off-screen alter ego doesn’t share her sexual preferences. In fact, actress Heather Morris is reportedly pregnant with her first child, and the baby daddy is her longtime boyfriend, Taylor Hubbell.

Alongside co-star Naya Rivera (Santana), Heather is part of perhaps one of Glee’s most beloved couples of all time. Even though Brit and Santana aren’t currently in a relationship, plenty of fans are still holding out for a Brittana reunion.

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With Heather’s big news so much on the forefront of everyone’s mind, it’s only natural to wonder what her onetime bestie Naya thinks of the recent baby bombshell. ET Canada talked to Naya over the weekend, and she shared her reaction firsthand.

“I haven’t been working as much so I didn’t really find out,” Naya says. Hold on a second. So Heather didn’t give her on-screen bestie a call the moment she found out she was preggers? You’ll have to give us a moment. About a billion dreams of adorable HeYa trust circles and late night cuddle sessions are suddenly being crushed. Somebody pass a tissue box, stat.

Of course, Naya’s answer doesn’t necessarily mean she hadn’t heard Heather’s baby news until now. Heather and her camp still haven’t officially confirmed the pregnancy, so Naya’s roundabout answer could simply be an attempt to evade the question and avoid confirming the report.

Plus the Glee star only has good things to say about her former on-screen ladylove. She continues, “I think she’ll be an amazing mom. She’s an amazing person.”

Anyone else nominating Aunty Snix as a babysitter once Heather and Taylor’s little bundle of joy makes its big debut? We think she’d do an awesome job.

Source: ET Canada

04.9.2013 / 03:45 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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