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Teen Mom

Jenelle Evans Takes Gary Head to Court!

Recap of Teen Mom 2 Season 4, Episode 9 (April 8, 2013)

Jenelle Evans Takes Gary Head to Court!
Credit: MTV    

Things are getting pretty intense in the wonderful world of Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans. No, she didn't accidentally pass out in a pile of Alfredo sauce, but she did get into a physical altercation with her fiance, Gary Head, who Jenelle claims tried to choke her with a bedsheet.

As you might expect, Jenelle is taking her boy toy to court for assault, and the good news? She has the bearded and patchouli scented nomad known as Kieffer Delp at her side. Because, yes, Kieffer has reemerged from the alligator-infested swamp where he lives to get Jenelle's back. And by "back" we mean "titties."

It looks like Kieffer and Delp are officially dating, so basically all is right with the world. Well, other than the fact that Jenelle has charges against her thanks to being found with weed and Klonopin when the po-po showed up at her house, which is all kinds of unfair — especially since no one can prove the drug paraphernalia was hers! So, how does Jenelle's court date go? Unfortunately, nothing is solved (sigh) and Kieffer chases Gary into the parking lot yelling obscenities, that's how.

Also, we're pretty sure we heard Jenelle tell Kieffer to "fetch" in this episode. Double also, we're so proud of this nomadic minstrel for getting his GED. While in prison.