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Kim Kardashian Wanted To Film Her Father On His Deathbed?

The latest shot fired in the battle between the Kardashians and their former stepmother comes from the stepmom’s side of things. According to Radar Online, Ellen Pearson Kardashian is claiming that Kim Kardashian tried to film her father on his deathbed, just before he passed away from esophageal cancer in 2003.

“Kim came over… I think both of her sisters were there at the time and we were in the back room (at Robert’s house),” Ellen said.

“It was not too long before he passed and she brought her video camera and wanted to take video of him,” she said. “I would not let her do it.”

Hm. Really? This was four years before Keeping Up With The Kardashians! premiered and made Kim a reality star, but if she was already into filming her life at the time it seems odd that we've never seen any of this old footage. After all, the Kardashians love a throwback Thursday! But we digress.

“I said, ‘No. Your father would not want to be remembered in this condition, nor would I want anybody to ever see that’” Ellen continued. “I don’t know why Kim would want to video her father in the condition that he was in. I would hope she would have wanted to remember him with all the beautiful photographs.”

Ellen mentions the photos, of course, because Kim and her family are currently suing her for keeping so many Kardashian family photos after Robert’s death, claiming that he bequeathed his personal effects to his children and she has no right to them.

Now Ellen is insisting that she gave the Kardashians an opportunity to take these photos—of which she "must have 500" featuring Robert with his kids on holidays and vacations—and they chose not to.

After Robert passed away, “the children took photographs that were hanging on the wall,” Ellen reportedly told Star magazine. “All of the photographs that I’d taken… none of the children asked me for photos.”

Well Ellen, they’re asking now! They’re also asking for Robert's alleged handwritten diaries, that Ellen has since shared portions of with tabloids.

Yeah, and Kim’s the one with poor taste.

Source: Radar Online

04.9.2013 / 10:33 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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