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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Adds New Characters, Revives Fan Favorite From the Dead

While we’ve unfortunately learned that dead characters can’t come back for good on Once Upon a Time, it looks like Sheriff Graham/Huntsman is making a comeback again — and this time, it’s more permanent.

Though we only saw him in a flashback earlier this season, his Fairytale Land counterpart is getting a spin-off of sorts. In the new Once Upon a Time graphic novel Shadow of the Queen, we’ll learn more about his backstory, including how deep the Evil Queen had her nails dug into his heart, and if she was able to change him completely.

According to USA Today, the graphic novel comes from Daniel Thomsen, OUAT’s co-producer and former executive story editor, and Star Wars Legacy scribe Corinna Bechko, and it all came together because co-creators Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis wanted to find a “creative way to bring back the Huntsman.”

The comic will take place mostly in Fairytale Land, kicking off when the Huntsman is ordered by the Queen to kill Snow White and bring back her heart. When he doesn’t, as we remember, she rips his heart out and controls him, and the graphic novel “explores the Huntsman's forced servitude to the Queen against his will, and how complicated that relationship can be when, during an especially harsh winter, the Queen schemes again to get Snow.”

This complicated relationship helps us get a better grip on the Huntsman’s psyche. "Would he be able to temper the queen's evil impulses at all? Would she make him evil?" Daniel questions to the site, to which Corinna adds, "He's very noble and he has a code, but he can't always stick to that code. The tragic part for him is he knows that.”

And not only will we learn more about the Evil Queen, the Huntsman, and Snow White (who is still a bandit in the graphic novel), but the writers also promise glimpses at familiar faces (like Red Riding Hood) and new characters!

"I was able to go wild and not have to deal with the repercussions of ordering up millions of dollars' worth of visual effects and locations we don't have," Daniel explained.

We’ll be counting down the days until Once Upon a Time: Shadow of the Queen is released by Marvel Comics on September 4. Will you be purchasing, or are you more excited about the novelization of the hit series? Tell us below!

Source: USA Today

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