Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2 Spoilers: Ezra’s Aria-Less Scene
Credit: Eric McCandless/ ABC Family    
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4, Episode 2 Spoilers: Ezra’s Aria-Less Scene

Now that Aria (Lucy Hale) and Ezra (Ian Harding) have temporarily called it quits, these characters will presumably be having more scenes with other characters. This is particularly interesting for Ezra, who we have mainly seen in the context of his relationship with Ezria. Who will Ezra be interacting with in Pretty Little Liars Season 4?

PLL showrunner Marlene King confirmed on Twitter that Ezra would be having a scene with a familiar, non-Aria character in Season 4, Episode 2: “Turn of the Shoe.” Will this be the start of the “shocking developments” in store for his character?

Which familiar character could Ezra’s scene be with? Well, he is a substitute teacher at Rosewood High, so it could easily be any of the characters who attend the school. That leaves quite a few options: another one of the other Liars, Mona, or even Caleb or Paige. There is also the interesting possibility that Ezra will have a scene with Mike Montgomery. We’re not sure if his character qualifies as “familiar,” given that he was missing for the whole of the third season, but we know he will be back for Season 4.

There’s always the Montgomery matriarch, as well. Ella is a teacher at Rosewood High and was friendly with Ezra before she found out he was dating her daughter. Though she never fully approved of their relationship, she at least spoke to him after she found out. Could these two share a scene?

Who do you think Ezra will share a scene with in the second episode? Let us know your theories in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Pretty Little Liars on Tuesday, June 11, 2013 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC Family.