Sean Lowe Dedicates Dance to Catherine Giudici: “I Owe Everything To Her”
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The Bachelor

Sean Lowe Dedicates Dance to Catherine Giudici: “I Owe Everything To Her”

Sob, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici are so in love! Sure, their time roaming the hills and valleys of Bachelor Land on an elephant are over, but this hot couple's passion is more alive than ever — even though Sean Lowe has been spending long hours away from his sweetheart to practice routines for Dancing With The Stars.

Sean is more than a little grateful to Catherine for sticking by his side despite his rigorous schedule (and despite the fact that his wardrobe mostly consists of glitter spandex), and he devoted his April 8th performance, "The Best Years of Their Lives," to his main squeeze as a token of his gratitude. In fact, Sean waltzed (literally) over to Catherine and planted a kiss on her lips!

"Without question, the best year of my life was 2012," Sean says. "The experience of being the Bachelor is one thing, but that pales in comparison to finding Catherine. And that's what it's all about. I knew Catherine was the one for me, because I never wanted to say goodbye to her. I wanted to spend every waking minute with her."

Annnnd, we're officially crying. This is almost as emotional as that time Sean teared up on The Bachelor (aka, every episode of the season). "This dance definitely holds extra meaning for me," Sean continues. "Because I owe everything to Catherine for putting her life on hold to come down to L.A. to support me."

Could this professional hip shaker be more adorable? We're thrilled that he's found the woman of his dreams, and can't wait for these two to walk down the aisle during their summer 2013 wedding!

Source: Us Weekly