Taylor Armstrong Accuses Adrienne of Being Unsupportive After Abuse Claims
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Taylor Armstrong Accuses Adrienne of Being Unsupportive After Abuse Claims

Taylor Armstrong has struggled with many things over the course of starring in The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but part of Season 3 focused on her increased dependency on alcohol.

In the RHoBH “Secrets Revealed” episode, unseen footage of Taylor at a party for Kyle Richards’s daughter, Portia Umansky, acting tipsy — and making many of the other guests feel very uncomfortable. She first starts to stir up trouble by telling the other housewives how Brandi Glanville had bragged about sleeping with every man in Beverly Hills. Kyle finds the topic to be tasteless, especially at her daughter’s birthday party, and refuses to participate in the conversation.

Later, Taylor picks a fight with Adrienne over her lack of support when it was revealed that Taylor’s ex-husband, Russell Armstrong, had physically abused her during their marriage. Adrienne feels blindsided by the attack, and even points out that she had just come back with Taylor from a fundraiser to support victims of domestic violence.

Kyle thinks Taylor is being unfair to Adrienne, but the situation gets even worse as Taylor begins to have a meltdown at the party. She accuses Adrienne of caring more about money than about friendship, breaking into tears in the process. Meanwhile, Adrienne defends herself and says she’s done all she can to be supportive of Taylor during the rough period following her divorce from Russell.

Do you think Taylor was overreacting, or was she right about Adrienne?