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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Were Eddie’s Comments to Tamra Barney About Vicki Gunvalson Too Harsh?

The Real Housewives of Orange County Season 8, Episode 2 found Tamra Barney and Vicki Gunvalson make a huge step in repairing their broken friendship. But should Tamra trust her former BFF and let her back into her life?

According to Tamra’s fiance, Eddie Judge, she should stay far away from Vicki. At the end of the episode, Eddie asks how Tamra’s chat with Vicki at the clambake went, and Tamra says they had a good chat and that Vicki wants to be friends again.

But the conversation took a negative turn as soon as Eddie asked whether Vicki was still with her former boyfriend, Brooks Ayers. Tamra is unsure and says it seems like Brooks dumped Vicki, but Eddie insists that Vicki is lying.

“All I’ve ever said is I want what’s best for her,” says Tamra, referring to how protective she was of Vicki against Brooks intentions.

Eddie says Vicki is manipulating the situation to make herself look less culpable.

“That’s what she’s about,” he says to Tamra. “She’s about lying, cheating and deceiving. I highly recommend you don’t become friends with her again. Don’t trust her, don’t let her back in, because she’s only going to hurt you again.”

Tamra feels torn because while both Eddie and Gretchen Rossi are warning her to stay away from Vicki, Heather Dubrow is encouraging the mending of their friendship.

“I think i just have to let time heal and see how I feel,” says Tamra.

Do you think Eddie’s assertions about Vicki were too harsh, or should Tamra be wary of letting this former friend back into her life?