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Amber Rose Puts Pot Leaf Print Socks on Baby Bash — Would You Ever?

Amber Rose just had her first baby with fiancé Wiz Khalifa in late February, and little Sebastian, aka “Bash,” has already gotten plenty of media attention! The little guy was at the center of his first controversy recently, when Amber dressed him in some polarizing baby gear.

“Like father like son #HUFsocks :-)” Amber wrote on Twitter recently, along with a pic of her son’s teeny tiny feet wearing teeny tiny socks, covered in printed pot leaves. Yikes.

Now, if there’s one thing we know about Amber, it’s that she loves that little boy like crazy.

If there are two things we know, it’s that she loves her son and doesn’t give a rat’s ass what other people think of her! But was putting her son in socks with marijuana leaves on them going too far? Would you ever put such a thing on a little one you love?

While we can’t say we’d buy these booties for the kids in our life, but we don’t really think this is such a big deal. Here’s why:

First of all, they’re just socks. Amber and Wiz seem like awesome, attentive, loving parents, and we can’t imagine they’re putting the real thing anywhere near their son.

Second of all, Bash isn’t even two months old yet. He’s got some time before he figures out what socks are, and we’re guessing he’ll grow out of these long before he has any idea what the print on them is.

Third of all, we’ll take these over those “I love boobs!” onesies any day.

That being said, this is proving to be a very divisive subject, and we want to know what you think! Are these socks in poor taste? Sound off in the comments!

Source: Instagram

04.10.2013 / 03:21 AM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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