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Real Housewives of New Jersey

Caroline Manzo’s Sons Broke Up RHoNJ Brawl While Teresa Giudice Stood By!

By now, everyone’s heard of the Real Housewives of New Jersey melee that took place on March 31 at Kim D.’s Posche 2. The fight, which included RHoNJ co-stars Chris Laurita, Jacqueline Laurita, Joe Gorga, and (non-castmate) John “Johnny the Greek” Karagiorgis, quickly spun out of control. Although Bravo’s camera crew was able to pull the guys (and gal) apart, it was Caroline Manzo’s sons, Christopher and Albert, who joined in to put an end to the brawl — and their mother couldn’t have been any prouder.

According to an eyewitness who spoke with Radar Online, the Manzo boys and their sister Lauren “jumped in out of nowhere to break up the fight.”

And even though Caroline may have been scared for her sons and daughter getting involved, she was proud that they did.

“I’m proud of my boys for staying out of the fight,” Caroline said. “I’m glad they broke it up!”

Meanwhile, where was Joe’s sister, Teresa Giudice? Apparently the table-flipping queen stayed out of the smack down, but it turns out, she may have instigated the entire thing. Eyewitnesses told Radar Online that Teresa was the one talking trash about everyone there and “roped Johnny and [his wife] Penny Karagiorgis into doing her dirty work.”

Although Bravo’s cameras were rolling when the whole thing went down, we just may not see the footage because police officers were called (and possible charges may be filed). Let’s cross our fingers and hope that it makes the air!

Are you surprised to hear that Caroline Manzo’s children broke up the RHoNJ “brawl”? Weigh in below!

Source: Radar Online