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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Derek Hough on Kellie Pickler’s Biggest Weakness (VIDEO)

Kellie Pickler is doing very well on Dancing With the Stars Season 16. It's safe to say she and her pro partner, three-time champ Derek Hough, are frontrunners to at least make the finals.

We've seen her strengths on the dance floor, but what about her weaknesses? In an interview with On the Red Carpet after the Week 4 Performance Show — where Kellie & Derek tied for second — Derek answered a question on what weak spot could prevent Kellie from winning.

"For me, her biggest weakness are her nerves,” Derek said. “When she gets — it's her mind, honestly, it's not even her ability. Her physical ability is there. I feel confident I can get her to be Dancing With the Stars champion on her physical ability, but it's more about the mental thing."

Kellie joked, "I'm a mental case!"

Derek continued, "No, but you know what, she has the ability to go far in the competition but the downfall is the nerves. ... Can I be honest with you, though, that's part of my job as well. It's not just to train in dancing but how to train to handle those nerves and how to get out of that state. That's part of the whole process as well. And I try to do that. Sometimes I make it worse and I have to catch myself and go 'OK, Derek, I'm being too honest. I've got to relax.'"

Kellie said sometimes you're just your own biggest critic. "I've got to live with myself so I want to like me and I don't want to disappoint myself."

Do you think Kellie will be able to master her nerves and become the champion? She seems to be doing well so far!

Source: On the Red Carpet