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Glee Villain Nolan Funk on MTV’s Awkward: His Scandalous Debut — Exclusive

In the few short episodes he appeared on Glee, Nolan Gerard Funk managed to stir up quite a lot of drama! As villainous Warbler Hunter, he broke into McKinley High, blackmailed the New Directions, and got his entire glee club involved in a huge scandal around their use of performance enhancing drugs.

Now, Nolan is headed over to MTV’s Awkward just in time for the show’s Season 3 premiere on April 16 — and his character, Collin, sounds like just as much of a troublemaker as Hunter was! Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Nolan about what we can expect from his big debut. (Hint: Some of it will be pretty scandalous.)

Wetpaint Entertainment: Tell me when we're going to see you first and under what circumstances?

Nolan Funk: You first meet Collin as sort of an intellectual challenge to Jenna, and the first episode of the season, I would say my character's definitely introduced in kind of a subtle way. It's an amazing arc.

I obviously can't say that much, but this guy is worldly, comes from a totally different class structure, a preppy school, which is a total contrast to these kids and Jenna and he brings in a different energy, a different perspective. He's probably a lot more grown up, has a lot more life experience, has traveled, has slept with older women, has done drugs with shamans.

He's like the international man of mystery.

He's international man of something, yeah.

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

So what brings him to the school?

He's a pretty serious writer, so in his attempt to acquire more life experience, I think he thought, “I've done the preppy academy thing, and what can kind of give me a different perspective is going to this school.” It's not a total eff you to Mom and Dad, but I think he's really independent and just kind of calls the shots in his own life.

And his parents are off doing whatever they're doing and living their own lives and going on trips and buying lavish things, and I think Collin was just like, “you know what? I want to try something else.”

Is this “slumming it”?

It's not slumming it because I think there is a good caliber of education he can get out of it, but the truth is this guy is in whatever school he wants. He just comes from that sort of wealth, and he's not spoiled. And he's not a bad guy, but he's just really different than anybody else.

Most of your time is spent with Jenna. Do you interact with any of the other characters?

A few interactions with Sadie.

What are those like?

That is funny. I mean, there's a few funny moments. So some interactions with Sadie, some interactions with Mattie, that's sort of who I roll with. As we get to the back 10, there's definitely some interactions with Tamara as well, so, yeah, interacting with the whole crew, for sure.

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