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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Should Owen and Cristina Adopt?

Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd) and Cristina Yang (Sandra Oh) have reached a good point in their relationship on Grey's Anatomy Season 9, but Owen's recent dedication to taking care of Ethan, the child whose parents are both still in dire condition, could reopen an old wound: The question of whether or not they should have kids.

On Season 9, Episode 20: "She's Killing Me," two important points about Owen and Cristina were highlighted. First, Cristina is still really not into the idea of being a mother, not even if Meredith and Derek both die. As she put it, she'll be the coolest aunt ever for Zola and Meredith's baby boy, but the most she could offer in terms of long term care is a legion of German nannies.

Second, Owen really, really loves kids. His ongoing concern for Ethan falls way outside his regular call of duty — the kid brings out his paternal side, which Cristina realized by the end of the episode. Despite his gruff exterior, Owen is made to nurture; to not ever have a kid would be a real blow to him.

Some fans have started to speculate that the Ethan plotline will lead to a new conversation for Owen and Cristina: What if they adopt an older kid? (Some even speculate that Ethan himself could be the kid in question, if both his parents die, but that's a different article).

On one hand, we can see the logic. It does seem like Cristina might prefer jumping in with an older kid that she could have a full conversation with. One could also argue that Owen and Cristina would provide a good, stable home for a kid who might otherwise be stuck in the troubled foster care system; sure, Cristina might be overworked, but Owen would make up for it and they would supply a situation that's far better than many orphans get.

On the other hand, older kid or not, Cristina is still Cristina. She wants to devote her life to her work. She doesn't want to be a mom. Could she be convinced otherwise while still staying true to the character?

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