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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9: Who Should Care for Meredith and Derek’s Kids?

On last week’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy (Season 9, Episode 20, “She’s Killing Me), Meredith found out there’s a chance she may get Alzheimer’s and drove Derek crazy insisting that they get their will changed to ensure that Zola and McBaby-to-Be end up with the right parents, just in case something happens to them.

Originally, their will stated that Lexie would get the kids — but obviously, she isn’t an option anymore (sob!). Meredith’s next choice was Cristina, but we all know how Cristina feels about babies. Cristina’s idea of parenting is hiring a “hoard of German nannies” and shipping Zola and “fetus” off to boarding school.

So this got us thinking — which of the doctors at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital would make the best parents for Meredith and Derek’s children?

Callie and Arizona. Already awesome parents to baby Sofia, Callie and Arizona would make the most logical choice as back-up parents. It’s also never a bad idea to leave your babies in the care of one of the best pediatric surgeons in the nation!

Bailey. Bailey’s already got years of experience as a mom, and it’s obvious how much she loves Tuck. Meredith and Derek have always loved and trusted Bailey, and we know they would feel comfortable leaving her responsible for their children.

Alex. Although it’s come as quite a surprise, Alex is amazing with kids and always knows exactly how to relate to his tiny human patients. We think he would be a great dad to Zola and the new baby — and now that he owns Meredith’s old house, he could bring them up in the same house their mom grew up in! Cue the “awwws.”

Owen by himself. Owen obviously loves kids, and he makes it no secret he wants his own someday. We’ve even seen him in action recently as he’s bonded with Ethan, the child of two of the victims of the tanker accident. If he was no longer with Cristina, Owen might make a good single father.

Grey’s Anatomy returns Thursday, April 25 at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.