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Is Karlie Kloss’s Short “Librarian” Hair Not Sexy Enough For Victoria’s Secret?

If you watch any Victoria's Secret commercial, you'll see scantily clad young women with long, flowing hair. But in Victoria's Secret's new ad, model Karlie Kloss is shown with her trademark bob — dubbed "The Karlie" because it started its own trend.

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According to Business Insider, Karlie wore expensive ($75,000?!) extensions to give the appearance of long hair at a VS fashion show, but in the ad her hair is short. This is reportedly the first time a VS commercial has featured a model with short hair. And some fans weren’t into it.

Here are some Karlie comments from the fashin forum:

• "idk I think Karlie is kind of a modest sexy but I don't think her current librarian hair is really doing her any favors. though she clearly sticks out like a sore thumb next to these more bombshell types."

• "That whole commercial isn't sexy. It looks way too forced but alas it's VS and I never got their ‘aesthetic’. As for Karlie she would fit in much better without that Mall of America hair."

• "if her hair was long, we wouldn't be complaining lbr."

• "karlie's fine you guys, she is girl next door pretty and can w o r k the camera- why wouldn't people buy lingerie from her?"

• "I think she's more suited for Pink than all the Very Sexy/Bombshell/Fabulous/Showstopper/Incredible/Angels collections which do use sex bombs."

What do you think? Does short hair make a model seem more "girl next door" and less "bombshell"?

Sources: YouTube, Business Insider, Fashin

04.10.2013 / 07:37 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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