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Is Pregnant Kim Kardashian Lying About Her Due Date?

Soon after boyfriend Kanye West announced her pregnancy, Kim Kardashian shared the news that she was due in July on the Today show. But was she telling the truth?

The New York Post is reporting that Kim is actually due in mid-June. Apparently, Kimmy was overheard telling someone her actual due date while at a baby shower for her friend and fashion stylist Monica Rose at Bagatelle LA.

If this is true (and we’re not saying it is) why would Kim fudge her due date by just a few weeks? The Post’s theory is that she wants to not announce the birth right away, so she can “enjoy private time with the newborn and lose some weight.”

Enjoying private time is an idea we can get behind, but we’re fuzzy on the details here.

Will Kim lie about her baby’s birthday forever, and hope that no one who reads a tabloid can tell the difference between a newborn and a month-old baby?

Or is she going to go into hiding for a month— arousing no suspicion, of course—and then emerge in July, slim, svelte and showing off a month-old Kimye?

And finally, does she really trust everyone at the hospital she’s apparently taking over not to leak the big news?

The fact is, we’ll never know the truth of this one! Even if Kim’s baby is born in mid-June, it’s entirely possible her due date was actually July and Baby Kimye just decided to arrive a little early! Guess we’ll just have to let this one go. Whew.

Source: New York Post

04.10.2013 / 10:23 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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