Is Real Housewives Of Vancouver’s Mary Zilba Dating A Billionaire?
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Is Real Housewives Of Vancouver’s Mary Zilba Dating A Billionaire?

Dating a Real Housewife isn’t for the faint of heart, but being a billionaire probably makes it a little easier!

Real Housewives Of Vancouver star Mary Zilba had been looking for love in the reality show’s second season, and before the RHOV season finale, matchmaker Jane Carstens teased the man she’d picked for her date. “Boy is he a good catch!” she said. “I like to think he might be one of the most eligible men in Canada!”

On the season finale, she (and we) finally met the lucky man! He is billionaire W. Brett Wilson, a Canadian entrepreneur and former panelist on reality show Dragons’ Den.

So, how did it go?!

The couple went on their first date at upscale Vancouver eatery Seasons in the Park, and Mary described it as “A little bit of a Brett-fomercial.” He promoted his new book, and talked up a jewelry company he invests in by gifting Mary a first-date necklace. Like you do.

While that doesn’t sound like the greatest start in the world, the two later kissed and swapped phone numbers, so there must have been something there.

Since this first date, the two have reportedly been spotted together at a charity fundraising cruise, a Calgary fashion show and a Canucks game.

It sounds like they had some fun, but is it enough? Not for Mary. She recently told Vancouver’s West Ender that she’s looking for something more. “I’m not really interested in dating,” she said. “I just want to find a partner.” Wilson, for his part, recently told the Calgary Herald that he is "happily single."

Oh well! Maybe these two crazy kids will get together in the end, but maybe the spark just wasn’t there. In our opinion, however, that’s probably a good thing. Why? Because Wilson is a Real Housewives hater.

“I am going to watch #RHOV tomorrow night - just to see if anything interesting happens - that doesn't involve drama or purses. #LongShot,” he Tweeted before the season finale.

Call us crazy, but we don’t think Mary needs an attitude like that in her life. Onward and upward, Mary!

Source: Vancouver Sun