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Join Wetpaint TONIGHT For a Nashville Second Screen Experiment!

We love Nashville so much, it’s a little worrisome at times. And because we like to quiz ourselves and ask the TV questions like “WHY DEACON WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?!” throughout the show (much to the chagrin of our eight cats), we thought we’d watch with you guys instead. So, tonight, April 10, we’re doing a little experiment and we need your help.

It’s simple, guys. First, just go to the second screen website (AND FOLLOW US ON FACEBOOK OR TWITTER. Actually, do those second two things anyway...) on your phone, tablet, or computer and open it. You did it for this page, so we believe in you. Second, enjoy. That’s all. Throughout the show’s airing, we’ll be posting trivia — fun facts about the show — as well as quiz questions, polls on your favorite (and least. Hi Teddy/Avery/Peggy) characters and how they act in the episode, choice fashion moments (Thank you, Dana Weiss!), and more. Don't worry. We won't distract you from the show too much. It'll just take you a few moments to weigh in.

All you have to do is multitask: watch the show as per usual and follow along on your second screen. We’ll be throwing things out during the show and commercial breaks, so you have plenty of opportunities to get involved. As you answer questions correctly, weigh in on polls, and otherwise interact with our info, you can accrue points. And while tonight’s are just for fun, if this all works out, there could be some very sweet rewards in your future.

Tonight’s experiment is just for the Eastern time zone folks, but all info will remain live on the site, so West Coasters can chime in on their own time. Keep in mind this is all for fun, but we really would love to have your feedback (email your thoughts to on what you liked, what you’d ditch, and whether this is a show companion you’d use in the future.

Thank you, and happy show watching!

xo Wetpaint


04.10.2013 / 08:30 PM EDT by Julia Wayne
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