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The Kardashians

Kourtney Kardashian Thought Her Father’s Will Was Forged?!

The Kardashians are currently suing their former stepmother Ellen Pearson Kardashian for keeping personal possessions belonging to the late Robert Kardashian, but this is hardly the first time they’ve battled over their late father’s estate.

After her father passed away in 2003, Kourtney Kardashian reportedly insisted that her father’s handwriting be analyzed, to make sure the will hadn’t been forged!

Radar Online reports that Ellen revealed this little legal tidbit in a 2012 interview with Star magazine.

“According to the calls I received from the attorney,” Ellen said, “Kourtney felt like she wanted to have her father’s handwriting analyzed to make sure that he actually had written those things down that he left me.”

And Kourtney got what she wanted! But according to Ellen, that didn’t put an end to the drama. “It was never ending,” she said. “There were many things, many things about the will.”

The biggest sticking points for Kourt were evidently a car and a desk. The car was her father’s Mercedes, and Ellen took care of that little problem by selling it.

“I bought myself another car so that I wouldn’t have to hear her call and scream and yell at me every single day about that, about wanting her father’s car,” Ellen said.

The desk was another story, because it had sentimental value. “She said she put her initials in it when she was a little girl,” Ellen explained. “I felt badly, and I had the movers come ship it to her.”

But Kourtney was still not satisfied! “She contested everything that was given to me personally,” Ellen continued.

Even is Ellen's claims are true and/or accurate, we can hardly fault Kourt for going a little off the deep end in this case. These may seem like just objects to you and me, but this is her Dad we're talking about, and we'd never begrudge a grieving daughter her memories.

Source: Radar Online

04.10.2013 / 11:05 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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