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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Stars Josh Dallas and Michael Raymond-James Continue Bromance

On Once Upon A Time, Charming (Josh Dallas) and Neal (Michael Raymond-James) don’t have so much in common unless you count their connection to badass beauty, Emma Swan (Jennifer Morrison). But, in real life, these two seem to be thick as thieves. Check out the Twitter evidence:

#WeOn @joshdallas, gentleman’s wager in effect. #MichiganVsLouisville #NCAAChampionship #GoBlue” Michael tweeted yesterday. It appears the two OUAT co-stars are not only rivals on the show, but rivals in the NCAA tournament.

To those who aren’t in the know, Louisville managed to defeat Michigan to win 82-76. How did Michael take the loss? Admirably: “Congrats to #Louisville and @joshdallas on #NCAAChampionship. Look for me to wear a Louisville ballcap at a public appearance,” he tweeted.

Looks like the two wagered something more important than money: pride. Michael will have to wear a cap supporting Josh’s team. He’s already shopping for the perfect one: “Ugh...yes, if that's what you decide RT @joshdallas: maybe something like this?” We think Michael would look adorable in that Louisville Cardinals hat, don’t you?

Michael’s response? “Now excuse me while I puke.”

We love that the men of OUAT are bros in real life. Just last month, Michael posted a pic of him and Colin O’Donoghue out sharing a drink with the tag “CaptainFire.” Not to mention last week, Jennifer Morrison posted this adorable pic of Josh and Colin snuggling on set with the caption “Best Friends Forever :).” In conclusion, we’re definitely Team CaptainCharmingFire (CaptainCharmingTheif? CharmingCaptainFire? You fans can decided that one).

We’re also excited to see how Charming and Neal connect on the show. After all, Nealfire did knock up his daughter and leave her in prison. Not cool, bro. Meanwhile, SpoilerTV has reported that the dots will be connected between Hook and Neal in the season’s penultimate episode. We can’t wait.

Are you for a Charming/Hook/Neal bromance or are you fine with it staying behind-the-scenes? Let us know in the comments below!

Catch the next episode of Once Upon a Time on Sunday, April 21 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on ABC.