Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Character Pairings We’d Love to See
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Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars Season 4: Character Pairings We’d Love to See

Pretty Little Liars has a huge cast, but we often see the characters interacting in the same groupings. Excitingly, it sounds like that might change in Season 4.

Hearing that we might see scenes between "characters that have never had scenes together before" has got us thinking about unusual Pretty Little Liars groupings that it would be fun to explore.

Whether they've literally never been in the same scene, or just have barely interacted, here are eight pairs of characters we'd love to see share screen time next season.

Toby and Caleb. These Pretty Little Liars boyfriends have both been outcasts, they've both gone up against "A" (albeit in very different ways), and they both have trust issues. We can't decide if they'd hit it off or brush each other the wrong way. In either case, we think they'd have a fun dynamic.

Ezra and Toby. The pretty little love interest who knows the least about the "A" ordeal, and the one who knows the most. Add in the age difference and you have the making of a fascinating scene rife with confused power dynamics.

Mona and Paige. It looks like Mona might be siding with the Liars, and we have a feeling Paige (quite justifiably) won't like that very much. We'd love to see her get all protective over Em. If anyone can stand up to Mona's snark, it's Paige.

Lucas and Melissa. Other than their baffling meeting at the masquerade ball, we've never seen these two together. However, we do know they are both deeply wrapped up in Rosewood's web of lies, and we have a feeling even a single scene between them could potentially reveal a lot.

Wren and Jason. Spencer's half brother, who may or may not be involved with one of the main mysteries, plus Spencer's inappropriately-aged love interest who may or may not be involved with one of the main mysteries ... Yep, this could get interesting, fast.

Alison and Wilden. We want the dish on what actually went down between these two. What better way to find out than with a juicy, revealing scene or three, either in the present or in flashback? Ali and Wilden are, in their different ways, two of the scariest characters on the show, and seeing them face off would be wonderful.

Jenna and Wilden. Speaking of Wilden, what's his connection to Jenna and Shana? We want to know, and we have a feeling that any scene between Jenna and Wilden would be a perfect mix of cryptic and creepy.

Ella Montgomery and Dianne Fitzgerald. We have no idea if Ezra's mom is actually going to come back next season, but we'd really love to see Ella give her a smackdown.

Which characters would you like to see interact? Let us know in the comments below.

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