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Revenge Season 2: If Emily Thorne’s Really Pregnant, Who’s Her Baby Daddy?

Look, Revengers. We know that Emily Thorne, queen of the black hoodie, is not knocked up. In Episode 18, “Masquerade,” Ems approached Sister Rebecca Gallagher at a Catholic school claiming to be pregnant after seeing her nemesis, Victoria Grayson, leaving the school.

Ems knows that Victoria’s firstborn son is somehow connected to the nun, so she pretends to be pregnant to gain the sister’s confidence.

But Em's “confession” paired with her uncomfortably ugly army green trench coat sparked an idea. If Emily Thorne were actually pregnant, who would her baby daddy be? Not to shame this blonde Hamptonite, but she certainly does get around.

Here are our Top 3 choices:

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1) Aiden Mathis

The Revenger has been uber jealous lately, considering he’s Em’s real boyfriend and she’s been palling around with other gents to further her own mission. The couple likes to take frequent breaks from burning down homes to roll around in the sheets in Aiden’s hidden glass home. But we’re not sure Aiden would make the best father. He’s extra trigger-happy and tends to shoot without thinking. It certainly would scare his future child’s girlfriend or boyfriend away, but who knows if he could hurt his tot in the process!

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2) Daniel Grayson

Danny thinks that he’s Emily’s leading man, and though she knows otherwise, that doesn’t stop her from hopping into the pool house bed. Ems and Danny were engaged not too long ago, and now that The Initiative no longer poses a threat to the CEO, he’s happy to hit up Ms. Thorne once again. Danny might make a better father, but his Grayson roots will make Victoria the child’s grandmother. Run. Run. Run.

Credit: Colleen Hayes/ABC Television Group © 2012 Disney    

3) Jack Porter

Hey, Jack’s already proven that he’s a fertile man. This wayward barkeep has created the perfect angel that is Baby Carl David. Sure, he’s hating on Emily these days, but if Nolan and Tyler can get together, we won’t put anything past Revenge characters. Plus, Jack is secretly destined to be with Emily!

Who would you pick to be Em’s baby daddy? Tell us below!