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Shape-Up Secrets: How to Shake Up Your Routine to Lose Weight Faster

When it comes to losing weight, it’s not how much time you spend exercising, it’s how you spend your time exercising. That means you can spend less time at the gym (for real?) and get better results (for real!) — as long as you’re willing to change up your routine and follow some simple steps. Women’s Health put together some shape-up shortcuts that we’re going to be putting into play during our next stop at the gym. Here are our biggest takeaways — but be sure to check out the full list here:

Jack up your workout. Since your time is almost as precious as your kids, don’t waste it on a gradual workout. Instead, kick off with 20 good ol’ jumping jacks to get amped up. According to Women’s Health, studies have shown that longer warm-ups can tire you out faster, so just start jumping!

Put on weight. The report suggests that If you’re trying to drop some pounds, give your muscles a little challenge by adding heavier weights while you lift. The extra poundage will boost your metabolism and keep your body burning almost twice as many calories following the heavy haul.

Switch it up. Nothing’s more annoying than hitting a weight loss plateau. After about 4 to 6 weeks your body adapts to your routine, say the experts at Women’s Health, so you use less energy and burn less calories and fat. But don’t ditch your favorite kickboxing class just yet! Just making a few tweaks to your workout can keep your body guessing and burn the bad stuff right off.

Take a higher hike. Firm up your booty a little faster by adding a touch of incline on the treadmill. An extra tilt on the ramp will burn more calories than a flat workout, without adding any extra time to your routine. Sure, you’ll sweat more, but your butt will thank you!

Source: Women’s Health

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