The Bachelor’s Lindsay Yenter: “I Have Baby Fever” — Exclusive
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The Bachelor

The Bachelor’s Lindsay Yenter: “I Have Baby Fever” — Exclusive

Every time Lindsay Yenter interacted with Sean Lowe on The Bachelor Season 17, we kind of wanted to tuck her under our arm and cuddle her. The sweet-voiced Linds gave off a projection that she was ready to commit herself fully to her man, even while giving us the impression that she might have a little growing up to do first.

But when Wetpaint Entertainment caught up with the Season 17 runner-up at the 2nd Annual Chris4Life Celebrity Auction in Los Angeles on April 5, we got a whole ‘nother side of the new LA resident. Turns out, since she got dumped in the finale, she’s grown up a lot. She has a new man who she’s super excited about, a strong perspective on saving herself for marriage, and a need to breed.

It could be that her job is having a little impact on her ovaries. You know, like how every time hot guys pick up a baby, we buy a crib on eBay... “I am actually doing Montessori for little, tiny toddlers,” Lindsay tells us of her SoCal life. “I have six two-year-olds and they're working on potty training. They're working on sharing. It's the most rewarding job. What I was joking about today was I was getting ready for this event in my car like in my little Toyota Yaris, right in front on my lunch break in the parking lot, and I'm like, ‘Oh, this is so glamorous.’”

We would totally trust Lindsay with her kids — if we had any. She’s fun, gentle, and up for anything. Remember that time she ate bugs in Thailand? If she can do that, a few diaper changes is nothing. So, does all the baby play make her ready for one of her own? “It actually does give me baby fever because I feel like if I can handle six two-year-olds at once, I can handle anything, and I can handle them.”

We’ll take that as a yes. But considering she’s waiting til marriage to do the deed, we’d say she’ll have a little warning before she needs to swing by our bachelor pads to borrow a bassinet...

Reporting by Carita Rizzo

04.10.2013 / 10:37 PM EDT by Julia Wayne
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