Vicki Gunvalson: Tamra Lied to Eddie, Slade Is “Disgusting”
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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Vicki Gunvalson: Tamra Lied to Eddie, Slade Is “Disgusting”

Vicki Gunvalson doesn't appreciate what Tamra Barney told fiance Eddie Judge about her on Real Housewives of Orange County this week's episode, "Evil Eyes and Evil Faces."

"When Tamra told Eddie about our conversation in the wine cellar, she did not share with him the truth," Vicki writes in her Bravo blog. "Instead, she lied and said completely the opposite of what transpired."

"I thought we were breaking some walls down however, she didn't relay that to him, which was wrong in my opinion," Vicki continues. "Eddie heard only negative comments about our conversation from Tamra, instead of what actually was discussed. I just wish she had told him the sincerity of the moment. Instead she glossed over it and made it non-emotional."

Vicki says Eddie's comments to Tamra in which he discouraged Tamra to rekindle their friendship were tough to hear.

"Hearing Eddie say those nasty things about me in his kitchen was extremely hurtful," she says. "He obviously forgot the hurt that I went through with Tamra last year and it wasn't entirely my fault. I will take blame for yelling at her, but it was months and months of un-comfortableness between us, and it just reached a boiling point."

Also hurtful? Slade Smiley's radio banter about Vicki during the episode, including that comparison to Mickey Rourke.

"I thought it was disgusting," Vicki writes. "For him even to comment on my looks at the party was very wrong. He wasn't even there, and it's obvious Gretchen came home and told him I had surgery."

"He simply thinks that by making fun of women is a 'normal' thing to do," she continues. "I, on the other hand, find it classless and rude."

We think Vicki looks great, and we hope she can overlook people's harsh words about her appearance.

Source: Bravo