Which TV Character Is the Most Evil? (POLL)
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Which TV Character Is the Most Evil? (POLL)

There are characters on TV that we don't like, and then there are characters that are straight-up evil. This isn’t about loving or hating a character; this is about whether a character sets people on fire for fun, or makes people beat each other up for jollies. These villains go beyond just not being decent human beings.

Maybe they started out sympathetic and their current character is just a shadow of what they were in Season 1. Perhaps they’re a stand-in for all evil, like the Man in Black on Lost. They could be good people normally, but, like Sister Mary Eunice on American Horror Story: Asylum, they’re possessed by an evil force.

Like Damon Pope in Sons of Anarchy, sometimes we don’t know what happened to make them that way, but we do know that they’re definitely a sociopath. Or maybe they were just born evil -- you may notice that Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones is still, technically speaking, a child.

Some of these characters may be currently wreaking havoc, like Kitty Wilde on Glee, while some, like Arvin Sloane on Alias or Killer BOB from Twin Peaks, are vintage nightmare fuel.

Which of these characters makes you shiver with fear? Are there any of these where you yell “STOP” when a favorite character is going to be in contact with them? Vote for the most evil character on TV below!

They're not evil! Just misunderstood.

They all give me the willies!