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American Idol

Angie Miller Exhausted and Crazy From American Idol 2013 – Exclusive!

American Idol 2013 finalist Angie Miller is feeling exhausted and little crazy as Season 12 races toward the finale, but she’s still loving every minute of it. Angie’s had a few missteps in her American Idol performances the past few weeks, but she believes every bad critique from the judges is a learning experience.

Wetpaint spoke to Angie Miller in an exclusive interview during rehearsals this week about how she felt when Burnell Taylor was eliminated last week and what surpised her most about being on American Idol Season 12.

Q: How are you feeling right now in the competition, in general?

AM: A lot goes on. It is exhausting but it’s a good kind of exhausting. We all love what we’re doing. So it’s crazy but it’s a good crazy.

Q: You tweeted something about being upset that Burnell had to go home. What was that like?

AM: America doesn’t understand how awesome Burnell is. They really don’t. What you see on camera is half of how awesome he is. So when he left all of us, it’s a different atmosphere without him. It really is. We all miss him so much.

Q: Did you feel it was unjust? How do I put this diplomatically? Should someone else have gone home?

AM: You never know with America. When they vote, you never know. Every week it is going to be shocking.

Q: You might be in a situation where there’s five girls left in the competition. That’s really bizarre.

AM: That’s never happened. It’s crazy. It’s like, what?

Q: So what’s surprising, we’re this deep into the competition? What’s surprising about being a part of all this?

AM: I never realized how much long hours of work go into a two-hour show on Wednesday. That’s probably the most surprising thing. It’s just, wow, there’s a lot that goes into a show like this, but I love it. I love that.

Q: And no tensions flaring. You guys are all getting along pretty decently?

AM: Yeah. Honestly, I forget it’s a competition sometimes. My roommate’s Kree, she’s become such an amazing friend. It doesn’t feel like a competition.

Q: Have you heard of the, “I Had Fun Up There” curse?

AM: No.

Q: So you know how when people get criticism and then they said, but I had fun up there, they tend to go home the next day.

AM: Oh gosh. I hope that doesn’t happen.

Q: Don’t say I had fun up there.

AM: I won’t. I won’t do that.

Q: But in all seriousness, even you, who have amazing weeks, sometimes you have to take harsher criticism. What are those moments like?

AM: Oh my gosh, they’re the worst. It’s happened to me one week that they’ve had bad critiques, and it’s not a good feeling. It’s not a good feeling.

Q: What do you take from it?

AM: You learn so much from it. You learn from the things you either do wrong or the things that weren’t really in your comfort zone. You totally learn from it. And the next week you’re stronger, and I feel like that’s what happened to me. I had a bad week and then I came back and had a great one. You learn from it.