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American Idol

Angie Miller Sings “Anyone Who Had a Heart” on American Idol 2013 Top 6

Angie Miller performed Burt Bacharach's "Anyone Who Had a Heart." Keith Urban says Angie looks great tonight and he hopes she will still be here for the finale. In fact, he says he’s sure she will be. However, he wants to make sure she doesn’t just rely on her effortless voice. She also needs to make sure she has the passion in there.

“You can actually make it look too easy,” he says.

Nicki Minaj agrees with Keith that Angie’s voice is so amazing but she wasn’t feeling the passion either with this one. Randy Jackson says he agrees as well and that Angie needs to “digest” the song like it is one she wrote.

Mariah Carey says she wants to give a critique that will help with the next performance, not one that is going to tear one down. Mariah adds Angie’s enunciation is “so perfect” that it sounds like she is focusing too much on doing it exactly right, and not giving it enough emotion. She says, again, she can’t wait to hear Angie sing something of her own again.

04.11.2013 / 06:13 AM EDT by Tiffany Wan
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