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Did Katy Perry Tell Kristen Stewart She Wants to Date Rob Pattinson?

Does Katy Perry think there could be fireworks between herself and Robert Pattinson?

In a story that we're having a lot of trouble believing, Katy is said to have told Kristen Stewart that she would want to date Rob if he and Kristen ever broke up, according to Star.

It's no secret that Katy turned to Kristen and Rob's support after her recent break-up with John Mayer.

However, some sources say Katy may have become a little too interested in Rob.

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Katy apparently confessed to Kristen at a recent party that she would consider dating Rob if things between Kristen and him didn't work out.

"Kristen looked like she wanted to run away," a source reveals about her reaction to Katy's supposed bombshell.

There have been rumors that Rob and Katy may have dated previously, and now Katy's comment has supposedly led Kristen to “think that maybe the rumors of them hooking up in the past are true.” Yikes.

So what's to make of this story? Well, if there is any truth to it, we have a feeling Katy was just saying what a great guy Rob was, as opposed to saying that she actually wants to hook up with him.

Or maybe Katy was just joking around?

But it's safe to say that there's no need for Robsten fans to worry, as a source tells Hollywood Life that the idea of Katy trying to actually steal Kristen's man "is complete bulls**t." Phew.

Plus, there's no question that Rob and Kristen are stronger than ever these days, especially after they spent her birthday together this week.

And by the way, if Kristen and Rob were to ever break up, then Katy should know that Rob is going to be all ours. Just sayin'.

Source: Star via Hollywood Life, Hollywood Life