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Glee’s Nolan Funk on MTV’s Awkward: A Love Interest for Jenna? — Exclusive

Nolan Gerard Funk’s Glee character caused quite a ruckus on Season 4 of this season. From blackmail to high school doping scandals, there’s nothing that Hunter wouldn’t do to make sure that he and the Warbler made it out ahead.

Now, the former Glee troublemaker is headed over to MTV’s Awkward, and it sounds like he’ll be stirring up just as much trouble as ever. In fact, it sounds like and Jenna just might be developing a love connection. (Shh. No one tell Matty!)

Wetpaint Entertainment spoke exclusively with Nolan about what we can expect when new guy Collin comes to town on April 16 for the premiere of Awkward Season 3.

Wetpaint Entertainment: Are Jenna and your character, Collin, antagonistic towards each other?
Nolan Funk: In the beginning, yeah.

Usually that ends up in a completely different place.

Can we in broad strokes discuss the arc? Is it a friendship? What kind of relationship develops?
It starts off as a competitive camaraderie, like I said, intellectual challenge sort of and then, Collin kind of ends up becoming quite integrated in Jenna's thoughts. I can tell you about today. Today, I'm going to be shirtless. There's a fantasy sequence where perhaps you might think that it is Mattie taking off his shirt, but it ends up being Collin. Can I say that? I would say that Collin is kind of this force that comes into Jenna's life and just spins everything around and spins her around and gets her feeling all these different things and gets her kind of confused. He's sort of like a tornado in Jenna's life.

Credit: Photo courtesy of MTV © and TM MTV Networks    

What did you love about the show before you started?
Everything. I've always thought that teen shows kind of miss the mark a little bit because they should be entertaining and fun, but this one has all that going on, but you still feel something. I think there's this vulnerability to Jenna's character. There's just something that happens to her eyes, and you just really feel for her. Lauren's just got such a strong voice and I think that this show is such a funny, witty, female-driven show. I just think it's so smart. It's so smart. It makes me laugh. You have, obviously, some really extremely comedic characters. My character's not at all.

Yeah. I wouldn't describe him as comedic. I would say he's much more kind of deeper part of the show, but you're always entertained. I just love the show from the beginning, so I'm really happy to be going on it.

04.11.2013 / 06:19 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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