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American Idol

Is Angie Miller In Trouble On American Idol This Week?

Angie Miller was undeniably everyone’s pick to win this season of American Idol when Hollywood Week began. She had already made an indelible mark on our minds during her initial audition when she revealed that she has hearing loss in both ears, but turned around and wowed the judges with a stellar rendition of Jessie J’s “Mamma Knows Best”. But it was her captivating moment at the piano when she sang her original song, “You Set Me Free,” that will go down as an unforgettable moment in the show’s history.

Since then, however, she seems to have experienced the curse of the front-runner. Everyone expects so much from this Boston native, and we wonder whether she might be crumbling under the pressure. Jimmy Iovine said she emotes too much when she sings, which was perhaps what spurred her on to do an up tempo number for last week’s Motown theme. The result, a horrendous and uncomfortable version of Smokey Robinson’s “Shop Around”, made us all cringe.

When asked about the decision by the judges, Angie simply said, “I just want to have fun,” which, if you’ve been watching Idol for a long time like us, is the kiss of death. One thing you never do is argue with the judges, but another thing that’s taboo is to give a rather lame reply like this one.

Here’s the thing. This girl is mad talented, but we think she could be in trouble because although she kind of redeemed herself last week being back behind the piano again... this week was another not so stellar performance for the Burt Bacharach song theme.

USA Today even calls Janelle Arthur a “gem,” while referring to Angie as “fading fast” and “the floundering one.” Nicki Minaj even went so far as to criticize her appearance recently, saying she doesn’t need to be so “overtly sexual.”

Has Angie lost what we fell in love with about her these last few weeks? What do you think?

04.11.2013 / 05:47 AM EDT by Marnie Brodersen
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