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American Idol

Kree Harrison Says Pain Made Her Feel Helpless on American Idol 2013 – Exclusive!

American Idol 2013 Top 6 finalist Kree Harrison had a rough time last week battling through the stress of a pinched nerve that held her back during her performances. Although she still received strong praise from the American Idol judges, Kree says the injury was very frustrating and made her feel helpless.

Wetpaint spoke to Kree Harrison exclusively before the Top 6 American Idol performances show on Wednesday and she told us she is thankfully feeling better this week after seeking treatment for the pain.

Q: What’s been going on? Have you been sick?

KH: I had a pinched nerve that got on my nerve. It was bad. I couldn’t lift my arms, and I had to obviously do fittings and then perform, kind of like this, lop-sided.

Q: How did you pinch it?

KH: I think that it has been a long time coming and then I went to the physical therapist not knowing that I had a pinched nerve and it made it worse. And then I went and got an MRI. And three days ago they’d given me a shot of — it’s like a cocktail shot basically, of steroids, cortisone… So now I can actually, whether or not it’s the medicine, I can still move my arm.

Q: It’s like fake confidence.

KH: Yes. Absolutely. I’m fine with it because I feel better.

Q: This is hard to begin with. What does this added pain do to the competition?

KH: It was really stressful. It really was because it affected everything, and it was frustrating that I felt kind of helpless in a way backstage, not being able to really do anything by myself. Getting dressed was hard and then to perform is painful. So instead of me trying to live in the moment, it was bad, but I am just relieved now. This week I am taking advantage of the fact that I am not in pain.

Q: Were you upset that Burnell went home?

KH: Yeah. Not more so than anybody else, I just selfishly didn’t want him to go because we’ve all become so close. It’s hard when anybody leaves. But Burnell had a special place in all of hearts, not to be cheesy, but he’s just a special person. I still listen to his youtube videos. The first time I cried was in Vegas when he sang, “I’m more mature.” You know that song?

Q: I remember him singing it.

KH: I can’t remember what it’s called but literally me and Angie would sit in our room and watch Burnell videos. It’s really sad but yeah, he’s a special one.

Q: It’s crazy that there might actually be just five women left in the competition really soon.

KH: I mean, I’ve never been right and I’m in the top six right now. That’s crazy enough to me so I don’t know.

Q: Do you guys try to guess who’s going home? Do you talk about it?

KH: We talk about what’s happened and what the judge’s feedback was. But we don’t really predict anything because that’s kind of pointless. It all depends on the performances. It all depends on what the judges say and what America votes for.

Q: What’s been surprising at this point, this far into the competition? What’s something you would have never understood or guessed if you weren’t on here? You guys seem a little tired.

KH: We work our butts off, but I would much rather be exhausted doing this than working three jobs that I hate. So it’s not fair to say it’s a job. I work but I love what I do.

Q: Is there anything that you think people would find surprising?

KH: How much work goes into it. The process is so incredibly long and hard, draining even. We all, thank God, have the drive enough to keep it going because if you don’t you’re screwed.

We are glad to hear Kree Harrison is close to being back at 100 percent tonight and can't wait to see her perform!

04.11.2013 / 06:13 AM EDT by Carita Rizzo
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